Tuesday, 23 June 2015

5 Super Useful Website for Real-estate Professionals

Property markets play a crucial role in real estate valuation methodologies. Estimating the value of a certain property is very important as it’s never easy to convince people to buy a property without providing as much information as possible. As real estate developers try their best to sell a property, similarly buyers are very conscious regarding buying property and are sure to perform a lot of research before committing to purchase.

Within this intense process agents are playing the role of the middle man to bring the buyers and sellers closer together, and for this they must have to present facts with updated information about the properties. The agents also need to give assurance about the return of investment (ROI) for the buyers. Overall real estate agents are the real helping hands and are valuable guides in real estate.

No matter what our role is in the real estate industry, we are extremely lucky to have some very useful online tools which can help us get the information we need. At Real Estate Education & Training (REET) we are constantly researching so we can supply our clients with some of the useful websites to help them avoid future dilemmas regarding any real estate management. Here are some of the sites we have found that help to generate ideas and knowledge, we encourage you to have a look.




It’s really important to have an idea of your real estate price before buying. But how do you get to know your local estate market? For this you need not go anywhere, you can simply visit online property information pages. APM PriceFinder is one of the best resources as it is the leading national supplier of price information for banks, real estate agents and customers. In addition, it offers Customised Research Services to a range of clients. With the help of this website people can make better-informed decisions about their residential property and property market.




After determining or searching for a property or land price, customers also need to measure and study any other property-related risks. Analysing the property data and all the other property information will help them be confident in their decisions and all of the necessary and complex data should be simple and well formatted. CoreLogic offers a simple, easy to use format which is easily understandable by buyers, sellers, investors, finance and real estate professionals, corporate and government bodies alike.

On the House

On The House provides many real estate related services in one spot on the web. They provide a combination of historical property data, sales history and comparative property analysis. Which gives their customers the ability to monitor the performance of their own properties over time. There is also an option for participation in their regular property value discussions. 

Land and Property Information



This one is another useful website about land and property information. It is the division of the “Office of Finance and Services” and enables the community, business and government to gain maximum benefit from the land and property to generate economic growth and prosperity. It is the best place to look for land title registration, property information, valuation, surveying and mapping information.


Residex is Australia’s leading provider of accurate housing information. Visitors have access to reports on state market, best rent, renovators, postcode as well as Residex Right Price Report and many other features. The information regarding mortgage brokers, lenders and real estate agents is easily accessible and provides customers several options to choose from.

As you can see there are vast, unlimited resources available for you to extend your knowledge in the world of real estate. Besides the provided websites there are also many other webpages and courses waiting for you. You are just a click away!

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