Friday, 16 January 2015

Free Online Education for Real Estate Agents

All of us are familiar with the term “open online courses “ or MOOC today. Famous universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Stanford University or Harvard University are offering thousands of free online courses allowing people to get informed on different fields of study.

The first question that arises is why are these online courses being provided? 

Among the many answers which come up, there are two very important ones. 
Firstly, on-campus courses are very expensive for students and wipe out the consideration of the needs of those who can’t afford them. 
Secondly, online courses play a great role in enhancing the reputation of the institution.

However, free online courses can be greatly beneficial if we think from a student’s perspective. Although online education for real estate are hard to find on the web, we have done some research to find a few high quality websites where real estate related courses are available. Some of them cost a few dollars and the rest are completely free. We hope that this will help those students who are facing economic hardship but at the same time want to build their career as a real estate agent.


Udemy is a very high quality website with many real estate related courses. If you type real estate in the search box, it returns all the relevant results. On the top left corner you will find that the courses are classified by course cost, language etc. In addition to that, you can even build custom courses from a particular lesson. This courses are prepared by top professors and depending on the content you prefer to learn, there are free and paid courses available.



MIT offers virtually all of their course content through OpenCourseWare project which is basically a web application. OCW is managed regularly by MIT and available for all. OCW is offering a half-semester course about real estate and finance investment including latest topics in this field. A couple of guest speakers from real estate investment industry delivers lectures in this course and most importantly, free pdf lectures and notes written by actual students are provided.

Online learning is becoming popular with time and the advancements in technology is used to deliver knowledge in this filed. As the traditional system is becoming old, people who are involved in this process are identifying the shortcomings which end up affecting students.

You might have noticed that although there are a growing number of fantastic resources available around the web for online education but not much real estate agents courses are available. If you find a new site where these type of courses are available then don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments section because it’s likely that we’ve missed a few. Thanks for reading and good luck with your real estate agent career!