Tuesday, 31 October 2017

3 Valuable Tips You Must Implement to Avoid Dealing with Fraudulent Real Estate Companies

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In this article, we tried to explore the real estate industry out of Australia and find out some practical tips on how to avoid fraud real estate companies which are useful in aspect of every country.

Buying or renting a property is one of the most important decisions in anyone’s life and requires a great deal of responsibility.  You can obviously not afford getting scammed when a significant amount of money is involved. So you should either go for a tested and professional real estate agent who are always in demand or a trustworthy real estate company.

Dubai’s real estate industry is booming and with that, the number of real estate companies in Dubai has also increased. With so many real estate companies currently present in the market, investors do get confused in choosing the right one.

When investing in real-estate, you must carry out a thorough research on the real estate company you’re planning to work with. Bring out the investigative journalist in you and make sure you deal with reputable real estate companies only.

During your property research, you’ll come across all kinds of real estate companies, both genuine and fraudulent ones – it’s your job to stay alert and spot the fraudulent ones beforehand.

Following are some tips to help you avoid dealing with fraudulent real estate companies in Dubai:


Why would you want to risk your hard-earned money by dealing with a new real estate company when lots of well-established real estate companies in Dubai are already there to help you make a reliable property investment?

The problem with dealing with new real estate companies is that you’ve no idea about the future of their existence. A new company will most likely not have any successful projects under its belt which is not a good sign as this is going to make it more difficult for you to assess the competency of the company.


Whether you’re buying a readymade property or are investing in an off-plan project, always try to stay away with developers who offer investment plans that are just too good to be true.

If the developer is offering a beautiful home located in the most sought after area of Dubai at suspiciously affordable rates then this is when you have to bring out the investigative journalist in you. You must carefully check each and every aspect of the investment plan and control yourself from being carried away because of its super-affordable price tag as this is a pretty old technique used by scammers to lure property investors.


Even if the real estate company is well-established and has had a few successful projects, this still does not mean that you can proceed with the deal without giving it a second thought.

Get to know how the company has been performing since the past 3-4 years. Try to get some reviews from people who have recently worked with the company, get to know about their investment experience and then make any decisions.

If you still smell something fishy then its best to consult a trustworthy real estate agent. But again, you still cannot solely depend on the real estate agent – doing your own research is a MUST!