Monday, 31 October 2016

4 Sales Skills that Make A Great Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent courses are designed to prepare you for a career in the industry and develop all kinds of skills from client management, reading the market and of course the art of selling. It’s a fact that some people are naturally  better sellers than others, and much of what makes a great salesman is built in. At the same time, this is something that you can work on and develop over time. 

This article will discuss a few of the most important sales skills for real estate agents.

Preparation is the Key for A Successful Sale

Every great real estate agent does their homework and understands he market better than anyone. This is something that simply comes down to prep and effort, rather than any specific god-given talent. That said, it is very much a skill to be able to use this information to influence potential buyers. Having the knowledge about what the conditions of the market and the tendencies of buyers and sellers enables you to ensure you are going after the right kind of potential buyers and arms you with the information you need to get the job done.

Listen to Your Clients Carefully

There is some sentiment that being a great salesman is all about having the gift of the gab, but good listening skills allow you to relate with prospective buyers in way that earns trust and increases your chance of making a sale. Listening to the needs of potential buyers when combined with a knowledge of the market and your product, can allow you to convince that what you’re offering is in their best interests.

Take Quick Action 

Actioning requires a diverse set of skills that not only keep ensure the auction runs smoothly and everybody knows what is happening, but essentially keep people entertained as well. A good auctioneer will have natural charisma and a flare for showmanship that drives bidding and creates an overall positive atmosphere. Humour can also be also used in some cases and can help perspective buyers feel as if you are on their side, so to speak. Confidence and a general recognition of when to amp things up and be more assertive is a highly valuable skill.

Every auctioneer will have their own unique style and means of wining the crowd over and it’s usually something you develop through experience.

Acquire Organisational Skills

Organisational skills are highly necessary in a range of different position, and are highly essential for real estate agents as well. Managing a sales pipeline requires discipline and the ability to pick up new prospects and maintaining relationships with current and previous leads. This generally requires a system of some kind and a general knack for organisation.

Real estate agent courses will help you develop some of these skills, creating a good foundation to build upon throughout your career in the industry. From learning to auction to reading market trends, a good course puts you in a great position to succeed. 

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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Real Estate Agent Courses - Online vs Live Classes

Technology and internet have changed many things about the way we live, including study and education. Today the number of people studying online here in Australia is well into the millions, and there’s no doubt that this form of study can be well worthwhile, particularly when a student has other commitments. Like if they are taking part time real estate agent course and doing a regular day time job, then it can be a little difficult for them to maintain consistency. This however depends on what you are studying and your particular learning style. We can always debate on which method is better between the quintessential and the more modernized learning approach.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of each approach and find out why learning in a classroom is usually preferable.


If you’re a person that finds it easy to motivate yourself and stick to a study schedule, then you might be suited for online study. But it’s not easy to get motivated easily, looking at some random person talking to you from inside the screen. As for the majority of people, being a part of a group that is moving forward every week and going through exercises together, having a real flesh and blood human being to guide can be very beneficial.

It can provide the motivation the person needs to be successful with their study. Real estate business depends a lot on personal interactions if the person who’s mentoring the course has an attractive, pleasant personality nothing can be more motivating for the students than that. 


There is no question that people with a jam-packed schedule may be better off going down the path of online classes. However, there are classroom-based study options offered by real estate course providers that are fast-tracked, meaning if you have just a few days free, you can get yourself qualified. They actually provide courses at various hours of the day of a week giving you the opportunity to select the best suitable time and day for you. There are also night courses. It really comes down to personal preference and your schedule.


Not only it can be difficult to motivate yourself when it comes to online study, but absorbing the information effectively is a genuine challenge to. This is particularly the case with real estate agent courses, which, we admit, can be tedious at the best of times. Having a professional that can explain the concepts to you goes a long way in helping you understand.

You don’t learn only from the books and theories, the personality of the mentor, his body language, the aura they have when they are talking about handling a potential customer, all these are such interesting things to study. These are the things that help you to concentrate more than theoretical aspects. Class discussion with others also has a positive effect.

Learning Style

Are you a person that benefits from one-on-one interaction with people, or are you able teach yourself a lot of information in a very short span of time? While you can communicate with teaching staff and possibly other students online, it’s usually done via email, audio and in some cases video. For some nothing compares to sitting down and having a conversation in real time with someone that knows the material.

Often, people may not even know the best conditions for them to learn. In these cases it may be a good idea to go for a balanced approach, where some of the time is spent learning online and some is spent in the classroom.

When making the decision about whether to go for an online or classroom based real estate agent course, do your research and make sure you select one that has a great reputation of producing new agents that find work and succeed. There are lots of options out there for both online and class room based on real estate agent education and training requirements. But the decision of which study method you need comes down to your personal situation, which you know better than anyone else! So think about how you learn best, your other priorities and you can make an informed decision.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

How to Pick A Quality Real Estate Agency

It’s fair to say that in just about every market, demand for a product and the customers’ willingness to pay is about more than just what the product is, but also about how the product is presented. Put in another way, having a good sales team can do a lot for your bottom line. In the case of property and real estate, the difference between a good real estate agent and an average one can be huge in terms of your selling price. But what is the best way to pick the best real estate agent out there

Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to make sure you’ll be well looked after.

Ask for Testimonials

Being in the digital age, there’s ample information out there about businesses and companies, including people’s experiences with them. While it’s true there is a lot of misinformation and fraudulent reviews online, its usually pretty straightforward figuring out which are legitimate. Do your research on the company and store branch you’re dealing with and always ask for testimonials from the provider. They should be able to provide you with information about the house they’ve sold and their success stories with contact information to previous clients.


Go for A Highly Decorated Agent

There are awards that are given to exceptional real estate agents in the field, as voted by peers and people in the industry. The information is available online and if you’re a savvy researcher you should be able to find it without too much trouble. If you’re going for someone renowned in the industry, the higher price you’ll be paying is probably well worth it.

Check the Agent’s Listings

Putting yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer is a smart play when you’re researching your options regarding real estate agents. Check their current listings online and check out the presentation of the homes that are being sold. It might also be a good idea to attend any actions or open house days to get a sense of who you’re dealing with and what to expect.

Experience Is Important

If you’re serious about selling and getting the best possible price and have the budget for a top tier provider, make sure you find out how long the agent has been operating in the industry. While experience isn’t everything, it counts for a lot in this industry and if you’re working with someone with only a couple years in the field, chances are they’re still learning the ropes. That’s not to say that you should shy away from Twenty-somethings, but keep in mind that 10+ years of experience as a real estate agent is usually a sign of success.

Don’t Ignore First Impressions

Real estate agents are people that you need to warm to and feel comfortable with from the get go. While you might have the best agent in town, an understanding and chemistry between yourself and them is crucial if the relationship is going to be a fruitful one. You will usually pick up a positive vibe from a successful agent and sellers will too.

Remember that you need to take your time picking out a real estate agent when you’re selling, as doing your homework can truly make a big difference. If you’re interested in making a start in the real estate industry, speak to the team at REET today to get yourself qualified.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How to Build Up a Solid Real Estate Career

Choosing a career path to success through the real estate industry is not only a rewarding task, but is also a well-paying career that can lead to greater success if you have taken the right training courses. Real estate training in NSW has taken off in a big thanks to some examples of government funding and grants given to those who wish to follow the real estate path. 

But how does one go about choosing the right training course, and what will it eventually lead to?

To really build a solid career in any industry, you need a good foundation to start from. There are many training courses for real estate career paths that lead in particular directions, so it is wise to assess the type of real estate you want to get into before you simply take the required training to get in the door.

Leading Training Courses for Real Estate Careers

Real estate training can take many forms, and for many people the residential real estate career path is the main draw. Reet, based in Sydney, a reputed Real Estate Training providing agency, has a number of leading real estate training courses, providing anyone with the chance to get stuck into the industry in depth from a novice stand point. One of the most popular courses available at Reet is the property management courses that include all aspects of property management from both the client and realtor perspective.

Reet offers high quality, innovative training courses that offer all students to take part and learn from day one. With the fast-track courses, students get stuck into the fundamental aspects of real estate and can benefit most those who already have a foot in the door when it comes to a real estate career path.

From Newbies to Professionals

Training courses can be used in different ways by different students. For those looking for an all-in course and are somewhat of a newbie to real estate, then a fundamental course that explains all of the intricacies of real estate will be the best way to learn from scratch. Those that already work in the industry as a clerk or assistant can often benefit most from a fast-track course, where some students can achieve a real estate license qualification with no experience.

The best way to get your license is to use the courses to point you in the right direction, get all of the pertinent information down and then study to catch up with the basics of the industry. If you are training for a course on ethical real estate, then plenty of study on real life cases, as well as courtesy and customer facing relations will go a long way in helping you complete your training.

Fast-track or In-depth Courses

The more in-depth courses allow the students to pin-point specific areas of detail that they want to focus their career on, whether that be residential real estate, commercial, industrial, auctioning, estate management and services, as well as client facing services. Whilst the real estate industry is large as a whole, there are these specific areas in which a flourishing career can be made and built on.

What is Reet for You?

The Reet point of view is that you have the ability to create a successful career in real estate for yourself, given the right training and tools at your disposal. Creating a career from scratch needs determination and hard work, so if you are looking to start your career in the real estate agency, then embarking on a training course at Reet will answer if real estate is the right career path for you.

Reet believes that investing in your future with one of its training courses will set you on the road to your own success, by defining your own career path in real estate your future will be determined by your foundation skills and your own personal assets.