Thursday, 24 December 2015

Top 20 Real Estate Agency in Sydney

When getting to understand the market in depth after you have completed all of your courses to become a real estate agent it is important to find the perfect foot in the door to start your blossoming new career. Choosing a real estate agency to work with can depend on a number of factors such as salary, location and the types of real estate the agency specializes in. In this list we will discover the top 20 real estate agency in Sydney in no particular order with the details you need to help make a decision.

Advanced Properties and Management

This popular real estate agency based in Sydney started in 1999 as a family run agency that incorporates a large number of varying properties from residential to commercial and even includes development sites. Located in Chinatown, it has gained a great reputation in the local community.
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Belle Property International

With a decade of experience in the real estate industry, Belle Property International has honed its skills with prestigious developments and luxury property management making them a great choice for agents looking to learn the ropes from site acquisition, project marketing, design, investment and sales.

Elders Real Estate

Elders has been growing at a fast pace for the past ten years, moving into a number of commercial, residential and industrial property development and marketing to make them one to look out for in the future. In 2010, Elders sold over 8,300 properties for a combined total of $3.23 Billion and is expected to expand in the coming years.

DX Realty

DX Realty is a specialist real estate agency based in the Sydney metropolitan area. They aim to distinguish themselves by providing an unparalleled service to their clients, finding solutions by keeping their clients happy with professional services tailored to their own personal needs.
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Fasers Property

This 90 year company which has offices and employees in major cities around the world currently employs over 600 agents across cities in Australia. With three specialist divisions catering for residential, commercial and industrial this global property group has an asset value of over $23 Billion across 77 cities around the world.

Intelligent Property Services

IPS specializes in investment portfolios that is different from traditional property management and buyers’ agency. IPS offers a professional level of advice along the route of property investment, servicing their clients with technical, legal, design, marketing and selling advice with a dedicated team of specialists that work within the real estate industry.

JPB Real Estate

John P Bennetts Real Estate Pty Ltd is a modern real estate agency specializing in Sydney and the surrounding area. Focusing on commercial properties, JPB also features a property management approach with cover 20 years’ experience in the industry, and is a member of the REISNW.

K&J National

K&J National is a real estate agency that focuses on residential and commercial properties. With its headquarters in Sydney, it also offers experienced property management services to its clients, as well as an energetic team that aims to maximise their clients investments by tailor making portfolios based on individual needs.

LJ Hooker

LJ Hooker in Chinatown is a vibrant real estate agency that offers commercial, residential, industrial properties, as well as incorporating a specialist team to take care of investment portfolios. LJ Hooker offers a range of properties in Sydney and the Chinatown district that appeal to all walks of life such as families, new investors, small and large commercial entities as well as investment groups for individuals and organisations.

McGrath Real Estate

McGrath Real Estate is one of the largest real estate agencies Sydney has to offer, with a passionate focus on people and property. Founded in 1988 in Paddington, John McGrath created what turned out to be one of the fastest growing agencies that commercial real estate agents Sydney love. Today, this modern firm comprises of over 55 franchise offices and sales of over 10,990 in 2015 so far.

Laing + Simmons

This real estate agents Eastern Suburbs run, encompasses Sydney with offices all over the country. Established in 1967, L+S are one of the most recognized local estate agencies in Sydney, who specializes in boutique residential and commercial properties. They also offer market research, brokerage services and property management to cover all facets of the ever growing real estate industry in Australia.
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Knight Frank

Being the largest independent real estate consultancy on a global level, Frank Knight encompasses over 417 offices in 58 countries around the world. With its Australian head office in Sydney, the global firm was created in 1896, the firm continues to grow, expand and develop in the modern era with worldwide turnover of over US$1 Trillion, making it the perfect choice for estate agents who see the property market on a global scale.

Richardson & Wrench Real Estate

Founded in 1858, Richardson & Wrench created a network of independent real estate professional to forward the market into a responsible, professional and ethically run organisation. Comprising of over 98 independently run offices throughout NSW and Queensland, R&W offers a philosophy of respect and professionalism which makes them one of the top contributors to the local market, perfect for agents just out of the gates.

Snowden Parkes

Snowden Parkes was established in 1980 by a local real estate agent Tony Abboud and soon forged a professional reputation of trust and outstanding services in the field. Their philosophy is to go the extra mile for their clients to seal the deal, and to create a team of experienced agents that love what they do. Snowden Parkes would be an ideal first gig for any newcomer freshly out of training to get to know the business and set an ethical stamp on their career for the future.

Raine & Horn

Raine & Horne claims to have the finest professional expertise to combine both commercial and residential property sales, property management and strata management for its clients. It was created in 1981 and continues today have more than 650 residential and commercial properties under its care encompassing Western Sydney, South Eastern Sydney, the Hills District as well as the Central Coast of NSW and the Snowy Mountains.

Harcourts Hills Living Real Estate

Hartcourt Hills is a multi-award-winning real estate agency that specialises in luxury properties in Sydney and NSW based in Baulkham Hills. With over 150 combined years in the real estate industry, Harcourts Hills promotes the education of their buyers, and offers unique insights into the property market to help buyers and sellers make tough decisions. Harcourts Hills leads the way in employee training and has gathered a specialist team of agents and financial advisors to boost its sales in the past year.

Jackson + Rowe

Jackson + Rowe were founded in 1957 when most real estate agencies were pretty small. Having been there for so many years, the agency focuses on local residential sales and property management in Ryde and has seen their business grow and expand into one of the largest property management firms in Sydney. They are currently in the top tier of ranking in the local area, so starting a career out in one of the most well-liked agencies would be a great first step.

Colliers International Sydney

This well-known real estate agency Sydney has to offer is focused on commercial real estate in and around the Sydney area, but also has offices and agencies around the globe. Said to be the leading firm in commercial real estate, this NASDAQ-listed firm would be a great place for any new agent out of the blocks to hone their skills on the commercial side of the industry with a number of positions available on a regular basis.

NNW Property

Celebrating their 40th year in business in 2015, NNW Property has built a solid reputation based on trust and ethical sales and purchases. Offering an excellent standard of client services that goes the extra mile in terms of property management and investment handling, NNW has one of the biggest real estate offices in the Northern Districts, employing a range of professionals and support staff to create engaging marketing methodology and build client-agent relations in the local area. A great first gig if you aim to support your local homes and businesses throughout your career.

Begetis Estate Agents

Begetis has grown to become renowned for providing real estate services on an exceptional level. Combining decades of professionalism, Begetis specializes in Auction real estate as well as private treaty sales and property management. If you are looking to get into the auction game straight out the bat from your training, then an estate agency similar to Begetis is a great place to start out.

After your training, you will want to explore the different possible avenues as one of the best real estate agents Sydney cbd has to offer. If you have already decided on which field you wish to work in, be it commercial, residential or industrial you will find a long list of agencies waiting to give you a promising position.

Try out locally and build up from there. You never know, your very own real estate agency could be featured on a similar list in the future!

Monday, 7 December 2015

5 Reasons To Become a Real Estate Agent for a Bright Future

As Australians, we are extremely blessed when it comes to the opportunities afforded to us. We have our pick of a huge number of careers paths and you might even say we’re spoilt for choice in many respects. That’s why it’s always helpful to hear about the difficulties, challenges and benefits of certain jobs, particularly if you’re looking to enter the work force soon and wondering what your options are. The real estate industry is something that many people consider and provides a strong lifelong career option. 

Let’s take a look at the reasons why.

You Can Become Qualified in A Very Short Time

Training courses are offered by various universities and institutions, and they vary in length. While you’re probably better off investing in a longish course to learn all the nuances of the industry and tricks of the trade, you can get yourself educated and undertake no experience Real Estate Licensing Course within a matter of days.

You Are Helping People Achieve Their Goals


In nearly all jobs you are providing a service for somebody else, but it’s only in a select few that you can see the joy that you bring the person first-hand. When you become someone’s real estate agent you are essentially working with them to achieve something. The experience of helping them make this happen is one of the most rewarding things you can get out of any job.

It Can Earn You A High Salary

There is no doubt that the real estate industry is very lucrative, however like all careers this requires that you excel in your field. Many real estate agents work as independent contractors and if they are able to handle all aspects of the business including marketing, networking and delivering value to customers the financial rewards can be enormous.

One of the best things about a job in real estate is that you can track your own success and see how far you’ve come. In dollar amounts, you’ll notice a stark difference between your first few sales compared to those you’re making within 12 months or more.

You’re Dealing With People


Being a real estate is obviously about selling houses, which requires a range of different skills including knowing the market, researching current trends and negotiating effectively.

However, ultimately the real estate trade is about dealing with people and managing
expectations. What this means is that you’ll come into contact with all kinds of people from one day to the next; a good real estate agent needs to be able to deal with many different personality types efficiently.

There is Always Demand for Your Services

As you are no doubt aware, the property market experiences many rises and falls, so it might initially seem that demand for real estate agents come and go. However, despite the way this aspect of the economy works, the need for real estate agents is more or less steady when compared with other professions. Regardless of what the market is doing, there are always that need to sell their home. Compared to say, retail industries, which tend to be effected to a greater extent.

If you have any interest in getting yourself educated and starting a career in the real estate trade, contact the team at REET in Sydney today. We provide a range of courses and flexible study options for all. Please visit our website at or call us for more information.