Friday, 27 September 2013

A Career in Real Estate - What to Expect

Being on the other side of a sizeable recession, real estate is becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the country. The housing market is beginning to correct itself and with the big five cities attracting people from all over the world, a real estate certificate of registration is your key to a brighter future.

Government Subsidies

The government is subsidising real estate courses to help people kick-start their career. With a distinct need for more players in the market thanks to the recent boom in real estate, you can be sure to find a great career path set out for you to grow and make achievements. The government future fund exists to help growing sectors in the country to help achieve growth and further the education of citizens. With a growing real estate sector currently booming, funding is available for you to gain standard Real Estate Certificate of Registration.

Whilst traineeships are a great way to get a head start in the real estate sector, government accredited certificates are available that can further boost your foray into the real estate sector. By taking advantage of these government funded courses, you will be able to skip the often difficult step of finding the funds to change careers, as well as giving you the opportunity as a student to start your path.

Once accreditation has been given and you have achieved your real estate certificate of registration, you will be able to join one of the many real estate agencies across the country. You can expect to start out with a small portfolio if you choose to work for a real estate agency. By gaining the knowledge and experience on the job, you can look forward to selling and handling bonuses as well as a greater knowledge of the sector as a whole.


With many agencies offering on a sales bonus and commission based pay with a base salary, you can expect to grow your net income with the sales that you make. Creating a great portfolio is one of the necessary skills in forwarding your career in real estate, and by choosing the right properties and the right time to sell them being fundamental to your career; you will be able to grow your portfolio based on the types of properties you may specialise in.

So with a great opportunity to work in real estate; starting from finding funding to achieve your accreditation, right through to the many booming estate agencies that you will be working with, this current climate is perfect for any aspiring property salespersons with a keen eye. By choosing to specialise in a specific field you can further your portfolio and grow your career year by year.

The real estate certificate of registration is your path to success and can be the start of something big. So if a big change is needed, why not look into applying for government funding to get you started on that path to becoming a real estate agent and reap the rewards and bonuses that are waiting for you to enjoy.